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How to Make an Application

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What's up my party people? Welcome to Imperium. We just need to ask some questions before we let you into our community.


1) What's your username?
2) How old are you?
3) What games do you play? What are your ranks?
4) Discord username and #?
5) How did you find us? Let us know if someone referred you so we can give them props.
6) Have you been (or are you currently) in a gaming clan? Which one(s)?
7) Do you agree to not be a degenerate and follow a few rules?
😎 What are you looking to do here (social gaming, competitive gaming, memes)?

Optional) What time zone are you (so we can plan events with you)?

If you have any questions, DM @SkyWave, @Nessy, @JCLairdIMBA or other gatekeepers. 

Don't get mad if it takes a few hours for us to get to your app, we haven't forgotten about you. While you're waiting, feel free to link your discord.


See you inside. 



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