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  1. EU4 update babyyyy, who'd be down for some EU4 shenanigans?

  2. got our pickaxe swinging from side to side, side side to side.
  3. Just an EU4 event for all my gamers out there who enjoy that sorta stuff, the game is available on G2A for about $5 USD if you are interested!
  4. whoever recruits the most people has the biggest D.

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    2. AlwaysSlayin


      veteran, with a track record of not messing with the website 🙂

    3. Tuesday


      Bro, You gotta earn it, and you gotta be faithful 🙂

    4. AlwaysSlayin
  5. I am not a simp. 😄

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    2. Hiccup


      as your friends were just trying to help you be true to yourself 


    3. Wilhelm
    4. AlwaysSlayin


      ahh I see. thanks guys. appreciated.

  6. Ok gamers. As we are getting into the swing of things, its important that we get our house leadership positions filled ASAP! If you are interested in becoming a House Commander, please contact either myself or @Hiccup, with the game you play, and your schedule! Here is a list of the positions we are looking to fill: House Mercury - The Stragglers - House Commander (Commander) @Artorrius - House Vice Commander (Vice) - Team Leader (Captain) - Team 2IC (Lieutenant) House Bacchus - Minecraft - Commander: @rikko - House Vice (Vice) - Team Leader (Captain) - Team 2IC (Lieutenant) House Mars - Smite - Commander: @willy_bryan - House Vice (Vice) - Team Leader (Captain) - Team 2IC (Lieutenant) If you are interested in any of these positions, please feel free to drop a message to either myself or @Hiccup on discord, and we will sort this out. Thanks everybody! Slayin
  7. My dood. It's days then months then years. Silly murican
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