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  1. rikko

    Hypixel mini games

    /p join Rikko_ to join We will be playing skywars, party games, zombies, etc. Arcade games in general mostly
  2. rikko

    Hypixel minigames

    /p join Rikko_ on mc.hypixel.net
  3. rikko

    Minecraft Build Battle

    Build battle on the minecraft imperium server! Everyone will have creative to build to their hearts content following the theme given. 1PM MDT 3 rounds, 5 minutes each. 5 player minimum requirement.
  4. rikko

    Minecraft Build Battle

    Join the Imperium.gg minecraft server at 1PM MDT for a build battle! How to join: Rules: Everyone will have 10 minutes to build per round. There will be 3 rounds total. At the end of each round, you will vote for the best build that fits the given theme.
  5. rikko

    Staff Meeting

    I’ll try my best to attend but no promises as it’s around lunch for me and my parents have plans for lunch
  6. rikko

    Minecraft Event 1

    Hypixel group skywars (Solo Insane) @3PM MDT
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