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  1. Shout out to Nessy for one month of gatekeeping!

    1. Nessy


      Woot! 😄

  2. I'm officially homeless for the next three days until I move. Woo!

    1. Tuesday


      You good homie?

  3. SkyWave

    Public Hearing


    I'll be moving that day through the weekend. But I look forward to the next one.
  4. ACCEPTED Welcome to the imperium, You've been accepted as a member, keep in mind to check the forum once every thirty days. And have fun posting your trash everywhere! MAKE SURE YOU LINK YOUR DISCORD!
  5. Check your calendar for Turn Up Sunday! Everyone's encouraged to have a good time and pour some libations. Shenanigans for all.

  6. 110% ready to turn up.
  7. SkyWave

    Staff Meeting

    I'm spending time with my significant other before my move in two weeks. I can speak with you sunday night to get the gist of the conversation.
  8. Accepted the other app. I'm just going to move this one.
  9. I strained my back today, can't walk, life is pain #fml

    1. Nessy


      Omg that sucks! I hope you heal quickly!

  10. Props to my bro @PulsefireEzreaI going Plat in TFT. Now we beefy bois.

  11. What's up my party people? Welcome to Imperium. We just need to ask some questions before we let you into our community. If you have any questions, DM @SkyWave, @Nessy, @JCLairdIMBA or other gatekeepers. Don't get mad if it takes a few hours for us to get to your app, we haven't forgotten about you. While you're waiting, feel free to link your discord. See you inside. -Sky
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