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  1. You know the drill, CLOWN TOWN DWEEBS, LET'S GET SOMEEEEE
  2. We ALL have interchange quests, but are you not chad enough to run interchange? Well, HA, you'll see YOU'LL SEE, we'll get all of our interchange questions done.
  3. Come play Tarkov with me, And fuckin shoots stuff, and drink, and ya know HAVE FUN. Plan on doing ECON runs to get that money grubbing up
  4. no poopin in the lobby

  5. Seize the day lads, because all of us, are food for worms.

    Carpe Diem

    1. Bee


      n o 

  6. Yeah that's right, Another clown town, Must be 18+ to show up, there will be drinking, quip lash, T or D, other shit like that.
  7. Tuesday

    Public Hearing

    An event for an general update on the clan and a chance for members to bring up topics they wish to discuss with leadership in an open setting.
  8. We getting Turned up tonight,


    1. Artorrius


      do I HAVE to show up?! xd

  9. LEt'S GOOO
  10. Oh yeah, that's it, It's time, 18+ event, for those nerds who are down to get fuckin WILDIN. get your drink on and get a House Mercury Event token, cause like, Fuck it, we're wildin. TorDorD, Jackbox games, Skribble io, And many other drinking games. So show up, and fucking clown around. 🙂 Hosting officer : Me, tuesday, People who don't matter, Slayin, cause he's too young to show up.
  11. Tuesday

    Staff Meeting

    Sounds good 🙂
  12. Tuesday

    Staff Meeting

    no big deal, 🙂
  13. Tuesday

    Staff Meeting

    For Officers Only
  14. Please contact either myself or @BDSally if you're interested in the any positions listed House Cerberus - Gate Keepers EU TZ Gatekeeper (Vice) Taken US TZ Gatekeeper (Vice) Taken House Letum - Tribunal Tribunal member (Vice) Tribunal member (Vice) If you are interested in any of these positions, please feel free to drop a message to either myself or @BDSally. Thanks for your time, Tuesday
  15. Upvote this if you think that @Hiccup Is @AlwaysSlayin's Simp Queen

    1. AlwaysSlayin


      ur just fishing for rep 😞

    2. Wilhelm
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